Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes?

I was craving chocolate chip cookies last night. I had everything I needed in the pantry for a change, including a yellow bag of chocolate chips with my favorite Tollhouse cookie recipe on the back. The last time I made cookies, I made a full batch, and had more cookies than I knew what to do with, so I opted to go with a half batch this time.

As I have surely mentioned before, I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagination. I follow the recipe and say a prayer. Last night, I paid special attention to the quantities, making sure not to add the full batch quantities of flour or sugar or salt. I did a great job, until I got to the eggs. I was only supposed to add one by halving the recipe, but somehow after being so diligent about the dry ingredients and the butter, I completely spaced out on the egg and added two.

I figured something was amiss when I opened the oven door and my cookies were super puffy, and suspicions were confirmed after they sat on the counter to cool and hadn’t deflated much, if at all. If there was still any doubt at that point, the taste test would have clinched it — these were not the cookies my taste buds were anticipating.

The cookie bit, obviously, was lacking in flavor or any kind of real sweetness, having essentially doubled its intended volume. It took me until this morning to figure out what exactly it was that I did. Can you believe that?

I should know better than to think I could focus (not to mention perform any sort of mathematical functions) after about 8pm! But at least I erred in a way that was different from any screw up I’d managed before, and still managed to be edible! So, if you like really cake-y, fluffy cookies… add another egg! Pfft.


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